Impact of Social Media Marketing on Hotel Industry

Social media marketing for hotels plays a big role in your hotel business to promote and market it. But the hospitality industry is more likely to use social networks to sell their business. Various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a big influence on customers. Social media marketing for hotels gives easy access to reach guests online. Let’s see in what ways social media marketing for hotels impact your hotel business.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels


The communication methods have been changed in marketing. Social media marketing for hotels has given the positive effect on marketing the hotels. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also other social networking sites play a vital role in advertising the hotel rooms. Marketing business on social media is considered to be effective because people love to engage themselves with the brand. Also, it is easy to reach the target audiences in social media marketing for hotels. Most of the hoteliers prefer online marketing as it gets viral easily, affordable, quick brand awareness, traffic, and high reach.

More customers

Hotels will never go down in the market. All you have to do is to create brand awareness in and around your city. You also have to promote good services so that guests will feel your hotel is perfect for staying. Also, guests will recommend your hotel to their friends & family. This will also help to build trust and reach new customers. Good services always lead to a good reputation. Guests will give positive reviews on Social media about your hotel so that new users make their mind to consider your hotel.

Direct bookings

Hotels are getting inquiries and bookings from Social media marketing platforms. People tend to get influenced through social media posts and reviews of the hotel. Social media marketing for hotels can also have an option to include “Book Now” button on the business page. So this is helping hotels to get more direct bookings via call or website.

Guest engagement

When it comes to a hotel the first and foremost thing is making your guests happy. Guests care about happiness during their stay. As another part of the Social media marketing for hotels plan, sharing your hotel pictures such as rooms, balcony, restaurants, pool, bathroom, living area, and garden area will assure comfortable stay to guests. You can update the sightseeing places around your hotel so that it will be easy for guests to choose a hotel located near tourist places.

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