How To Make Your Small Hotel’s Website A Booking Magnet

For any business, a website is essential to make a brand popular and bring out revenue. A website tells about your services/products to vast potential guests. Having an idle website will definitely do nothing. There are a lot of things to work on your website to attract customers. Here we tell you what are the changes or updates you can do to your website to get more hotel bookings.

Hotel booking

Digital Marketing

An idle beautifully designed website is useless without promoting it online. Yes, a website needs online promotion which can be done through Digital Marketing. Various digital marketing strategies will bring visibility to your website on search engines like Google. When guests want to book rooms, search engines will show your website so that they can easily book your hotel rooms.

Social Media

We are living in the social media generation. All age group people spend most of their free time using social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram has become the media to sell any business. So, what is that you want to do with your website? Integrate social media links in your website on all possible places. You can place social share buttons in the website footer, blog page and also a social float share icons on all pages. So this will take guests to your social profiles/business page. People get to recognize your brand which also helps others to know about your business.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile phones have become one of the basic needs of human like food and shelter. Now, anything and everything can be done by just sitting in one place. Most of the people use their phones to book hotel rooms. Your website should fit into the phone of your guests. All the text and images should be visible in the phone without any glitches. Your website should also load fast on both phones and desktops. This all can be done through responsiveness. Make sure the website is mobile responsive.

Content, Photos, and Videos

Guests who visit your website will get attracted to your hotel photos and videos. As guests visit your website, the first thing they look for is the hotel room and facilities photos. By looking at the photos and videos they get to know about your hotel service. Make sure you upload good quality images so guests get impressed with your hotel. Also, content on your website is important, the next thing guests check for is the amenities and facilities of the hotel. Try to mention all the major amenities and facilities so that they will understand the clear picture of your hotel accommodation.

Offers and Discounts

As we said earlier, a website is the main selling point of business. Promote your hotel on the website. Add offers and discounts to your hotel booking engine with coupon codes. Also, create offers/discounts banners for the home page, this will make guests think it is worth staying in your hotel. Usually, businesses earn more online hotel bookings is through offers and discounts. Give special offers during festivals like New Year and Christmas. There will be high chances of getting a huge hotel booking due to your special offers.

“Book Now” Button

“Book Now” button plays a major role when you have an online business. Add book now button in all the pages of the website so that visitors will get easy access to the booking page. This stops visitor searching for a hotel booking process. Also, make sure your hotel booking engine has a simple booking process. Many number of steps make guests irritating and they might exit from your website.

Monitor and Update

How do you understand that visitors are coming to your website? Integrate Google Analytics to your website so that you can track your site visitors. Keeping eye on your website performance will help you to create strategy accordingly. You can also track new users and repeated users. Also, you have to keep updating your website content as Google always need fresh content to rank your site high. Eliminate negative elements which are making your website down.

Being a hotelier if you all these simple steps, you can definitely make your hotel website a booking magnet. Just you have to analyze and understand the needs of your website. Create a strategy to make your website an online business center for your hotel using the above ideas. Let us know if you have any doubts and additional information to be added.

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